Business Licenses

Business license info

Description:  Any person(s) engaging in any sort of businesses, callings, or professions within the corporate city limits shall obtain a Glendale Business license.  Each location is required to have a separate business license. The fee for a Glendale business license is $25 and is renewed annually.

*NOTE* For businesses subject to Transaction Privilege (Sales) Tax, you will need to apply for for a transaction privilege (TPT) license, in addition, to applying for a Glendale Business License.  To apply for a TPT license, please contact the Arizona Department of Revenue at

Business Types

General Business (retail/service)
Home Based
Liquor License (sold on-site)
Special Events (liquor & retail)
Special Regulatory Business


City of Glendale Business License Application
Home Occupation Questionnaire
Eligibility Form - Sole Proprietor/Partnership
Beneficial Owners/Additional Account Contacts
Certificate of Compliance (Letter of Good Standing)
Claim of Exemption for Affiliated Party Leases
Entertainment District Exemption Request Form
Business License Update Application
Penalty Waiver Form

Special Regulatory Business

Certain types of businesses will require additional forms to be completed.  May require a background check and submission of fingerprints.

Regulatory Business Application Packets

Arcade Off Track Betting
Auctioneer Open Air Market
Automated Kiosk Pawn Shop
Bingo Park Vendor Business
Carnivalor/Circus Park Vendor Individual
Consignment Dealer Peddler Solicitor Business
Carriage for Hire Peddler Solicitor Individual
Fortune Teller Ride Operator/Amusement
Herb Dealer Second Hand Dealer
Junk Dealer Sexually Oriented Sub Contractor
Large Entertainment Sexually Oriented Business Operator
Massage Establishment Shooting Gallery
Mobile Food Individual Small Entertainment
Mobile Food Business Towing Carrier